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About the Company


Philippe Anders is an international manufacturer of handmade shoes. 


Produced in Italy, Portugal.


Our Philosophy


Philippe Anders shoes are the quintessence of Italian elegance and uniqueness.

Thanks to the careful selection of materials, unique design, and great functionality, Philippe Anders' products offer exceptional quality and reliability.

The brand's continuous research on materials and market trends conducted in collaboration with some of the most famous design schools in Milan enables Philippe Anders to be on a constant lookout for new designs and technology and develop state-of-the-art solutions.

The company's experts carefully select exclusive Italian leathers, with preference being given to leathers made in Tuscany, whose centuries-old traditions have brought worldwide renown to the region.


Affordable Prices


Our advantages:

– The entire production cycle of Philippe Anders shoes is carried out in factories located in Italy and Portugal;

– Intermediary-free production;

– Distributor-free sales;

– Direct contracts for the supply of Italian leather.

This allows Philippe Anders shoes to be delivered to you immediately after manufacturing, skipping all the extra steps that are common to other brands and increase production costs several times over.



Safe Shoes (EN ISO European quality standards)


Philippe Anders shoes are produced without the use of hazardous toxic materials, such as low-quality leather dyes, cheap toxic glue, carcinogens, formaldehydes, and phenolic compounds – substances that may cause a number of skin conditions, joint disorders, and even cancer. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Wear only safe, high-quality shoes. 



Philippe Anders' mission is to create affordable, high-quality shoes while maintaining the traditional European standards of the 20th century and introducing new production methods; to reimagine and update timeless classics, modernizing them with changes that are essential to the modern men's and women's wardrobe. This is the task faced by the designers of the Milan office that creates shoe designs for Philippe Anders, as well as for other world-famous brands.


Philippe Anders' shoes are manufactured with the use of state-of-the-art technology that allows joining dozens of individual elements with durable seams by using sturdy lasts. In addition to the seams that are visible and connect the elements that comprise the upper of the shoe – for example, the vamp and the quarters – there are two more very important ones. One such seam connects the upper, the insole, and the welt. This seam is concealed and can only be made visible by "dissecting" the shoe. The other seam joins the outsole and the welt. Visible on the outside of the shoe, the seam wraps around its upper part, so to speak. This technology is used in the production of classic shoes worn by numerous heads of state and rightly considered some of the most reliable and durable in the world, a reputation that has been historically proven by their ability to withstand even the extreme conditions of trench warfare.

The process of applying dyes to upper leather elements and creating a patina effect is performed entirely by hand, making every pair unique.

The application of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies enables Philippe Anders to reduce production time and costs, which makes the shoes more affordable.




·     Considered one of the most durable and reliable designs;

·     Offers greater protection against water ingress;

·     Offers high comfort combined with improved preservation of the shoes' shape;

·     The seam between the sole and the welt is additionally sealed with glue (or treated with another bonding agent).


The number of customers who share our values increases every day, which is why we are gradually expanding our product range. In 2020, we created our first women's shoe collection. And we do not plan to stop there: we want to extend our product assortment to classic suits, shirts, and, eventually, an entire line of men's and women's clothing.


CEO, Andrey Anders 

www. philippeanders.com

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